Matsumoto Allstars Robotics Championship 2022-23

Supported by FTC Team: Omega


Organizing Team

    • Madhu, Shaunak, Anjali, Dhiraj
    • Abhinav, Madan, Amogh
  • Technical Team
    • Madan, Shaunak, Abhinav
    • Dhiraj, Amogh, Ethan
  • Tutoring Team:
    • Madan, Shaunak, Amogh,
    • Ethan, Bhargavi, Rishi, Ishaan
  • Awareness Team
    • Anjali, Principal Frankina, Bhargavi
  • Website Team
    • Abhinav, Anjali
  • Trophy Team
    • Madhu, Madan
  • Registration Team
    • Anjali, Amogh, Shaunak
  • Minecraft Team
    • Ethan, Dheeraj, Madan

Championship Details

  • Organized by the Allstars United Education Foundation, in partnership with Tom Matsumoto Elementary School
  • Students are registered for the Matsumoto Championship as a Team of 5 or less (minimum 2 students to a team)
  • The Championship is a 2 month program that starts on Jan 9, 2023 and ends on Feb 28, 2023
  • The Trophies are handed out by Principal Frankina on March 3, 2023 at a Robotics Celebration Function in Tom Matsumoto – 4PM to 5PM
  • The cost of registration for a team is $50/team
  • Students from Matsumoto in grades 2 to 6 are eligible to register into 2 Championship categories
    • Grades 2-3 Robot Design and Programming
    • Grades 4-6 Robot Design and Programming
  • Trophies and Awards are given in the following categories
    • Matsumoto Innovation Award given to the team for the most innovative robot design
    • Matsumoto Grade 2 Champion award (Given to top Grade 2 team – trophy for each student in the team)
    • Matsumoto Grade 3 Champion award
    • Matsumoto Grade 4 Champion award
    • Matsumoto Grade 5 Champion award
    • Matsumoto Grade 6 Champion award
    • Matsumoto Robotics Champion award (Given to the best robotics team in the Championship)
  • Each team gets 4 classes with an Allstars Robotics Coach on robot design, virtual robot coding in Block and Python coding, Minecraft machine builds
  • Each team gets access to online, zoom-instructor-supported, classes for the two months of the event – classes are on Virtual Robotics Programming, Minecraft Machine Design
  • Each team performs tasks on the following challenges:
    • All Grades: Design a robot in a Computer Aided Design program using Studio 2.0 (is there a CAD app we can use that works really well in a browser on a chromebook?) Look at TinkerCAD and OnShape
    • All Grades: Build a Minecraft Machine with the minimum number of blocks to …..
    • Grades 2-3: Block code to traverse a maze with a virtual robot. Write the same code in 3 ways, using different blocks. Write code with the minimum number of blocks possible.
    • Grades 4-6: Python code to traverse a maze with a virtual robot. Write the same code in 3 ways, using different commands and patterns. Write code in the minimum number of lines possible.
    • Submit a 2 min video presentation of the projects

Judging Rubric (Pg 5)